Project Description

Deadly Dip

TITLE:  Deadly Dip


LENGTH: 49 Days


DATES ACTIVE: January – February 2017


Deadly Dip will always be known as our first production. It was developed by Jason Harris and then Lindsay Radford signed on to help with the screenplay. Location scouting was easy because we only used one location. Paul Dlouhy, Vincent Sprague, and Grace Rucker came on to help with the filming. Colin Fleming assisted with consultation and editing guidance.
The movie was filmed in one 5 hour session and during the overnight hours.
Principal photography took place on the night of January 8th 2017. It was in post-production for approximately a month before it was released to the distribution phase.
Deadly Dip is a good example to us as a company what happens when a team works together.
Below is a few behind the scenes photos as well as the release of the deadly dip, to learn more about the movie and some cool trivia please visit the link on IMDB.