Project Description

Down Stream

TITLE:  Downstream


LENGTH: 89 Minutes


DATES ACTIVE: February 23rd 2017 –


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING CAST OR CREW IN THIS PROJECT, PLEASE COMPLETELY READ THE “MANIFESTO” (Orange button to your right on this page) and agree to its contents. If you are not in line with what is written in the “Manifesto” please do not apply to this project. We cannot make it any clearer that a certain type of people is being sought for this project, this goes for EVERYONE right up and down the line of cast, crew and people who help with our goals. We as a production company have given a lot to the local movie scene over the past year, and we have always asked for very little. Help us make this feature come true! At the bottom of this page will be a link for all to continue.
Downstream is Reel Z Productions 4th professional production and will be the first full length movie produced by our company. The screenplay for downstream was written in February 2017, and like most crazy things in our midst, it was written on the back of a box of Huggies diaper wipes. When the cardboard on the back of the box was covered in words, Harris ran home and sat down at a computer. Over the next week an outline was worked out along with the development of character bios. Downstream will be the Prequel to the Reel Z Production film Envelope. The Utah Film Commission was called in shortly after to start preliminary location scouting. Damian Michael Pearsall was brought in by Harris to start working on a game plan for the movie. A very basic location scout was done by Harris & Pearsall shortly after. In September of 2017 pre-production was started. The film is approximately 75% internally cast, with a few roles remaining open for audition. 
In late 2017 Harris brought the film out of hibernation. Lindsay Radford (Of Reel Z) was tapped to write her first ever feature film screenplay. Harris and Radford worked through the December portion of the end of the year on the film. In December a Facebook group was started for all interested parties in the project, also reaching out to Sedona and Utah. As of January 2017 the Utah Film Commission. Sedona Film Office, and Phoenix Film Commission was working with the project. Harris and a Reel Z DP visited with Pirate Grip and Electric to discuss grip options in Late January 2018. Department head hiring began in late January 2018 and crew calls were announced. In February 2018 the first draft of the script was completed and casting calls were sent out. “Script Genies” and table reads by anonymous actors were also scheduled.
Principal Photography for Down Stream will commence on May 28th 2018 in Phoenix.
 This page will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you are curious and want to see the outline of this screenplay, click on the FMI button to the right of this text.
A young woman and her father journey to Utah for a rafting trip, tragedy strikes and they are separated in the river. The father makes it to town and asks for help from the sheriff, and gets none. The daughter is severely injured and lost in the wilderness. She finds a cabin and passes out. She is awoken by the slightly older man who owns the cabin and he cares for her wounds. She falls in love as the time passes, with the two making love in a waterfall. She convinces her lover to take her to town to be reunited with her father. Back at the town the father has been distraught and has befriended a local tomboy (girl) that runs her father’s outdoors store. He has been staying in their apartment above the store. In the end after a tearful reunion, the father, the man and the daughter journey back to the city.