Project Description

I Love You

TITLE:  I Love You




DATES ACTIVE: March 24th 2017 –


I Love you or simply (ILY) is the third professional production for Reel Z Productions. The original screenplay was originally written by Keena Huesby, A Talented student at ASU. Our director watched the original finished movie the screenplay ” I Love You” was produced. After a conference with Huesby, Our director decided to take (ILY) for a creative rewrite. The goal was to help a troubled production and create a product everyone could be proud of. The screenplay underwent a massive creative rewrite with the help of Screenwriter Lindsay Radford (who is also the star of Reel Z’s first movie, the deadly dip) and with careful supervision by Huesby, the production started to take shape.
Reel Z started casting and auditions for (ILY) in Early March of 2017. Principal Photography started in April 2017.
This page will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you wish to read the full outline of this screenplay, click on the FMI button to the right of this text.