Project Description

One Night

TITLE:  One Night




DATES ACTIVE: August 31st 2017 –


One night is Reel Z Productions 7th professional production and will be the first film featuring twin directors . The screenplay for one night was written in July 2017, and will have Adrian Santillan directing the film. Our own Jason Harris will be co-directing to assist Santillan in the production. One Night will be Santillan’s first directorial debut. Santillan says that he wrote the screenplay after being influenced by the popular song of the same name, by the band Lebrock. The film will have a very “music video” feel to it and will feature the song from Lebrock in the film, which Santillan has gained permission from the band to use in the production. Filming took place in late October 2017 and took two full nights in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The film is now in Post production.
Harris was asked why he decided to co-direct with Santillan and had this to say.

” I find it amazing that after all the work that people put in to make it in this industry, so few are willing to help others realize their visions. This young man has the makings of an amazing director. He has the drive, the vision, and the dedication to make something great for people to see. Reel Z (I am) is honored to assist him in reaching these goals.”

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you are curious and want to see the outline of this screenplay, click on the FMI button to the right of this text.

After the film had been completed, Santillan moved to destroy the film and leave it unfinished. A small period of confusion ensued before it was decided that Santillan would step down as director, and he will retain rights as the screenwriter.
Reel Z has licensed the song “One Night” by the band Lebrock to be used in the films post production.
The film will be produced and submitted to festivals before entering distribution.

A young man is downtown, alone and sad. He walks the night without a sense of hope. He sees a girl at a train station and something inside him
sparks. He gets on the train, but is determined to go after her, in search for happiness and love.