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Uncharted (Codenamed: Project CATV) is actually not a film. It is a TV series that was developed by Harris in Late 2015. The shows design underwent many different changes in the initial stages of its life. In mid 2015 Harris cast a host by the name of Bobbi Gould (A travel blogger) and was preparing to leave the USA to film the TV Series in Central America. Unfortunately much to the networks and Harris’ es frustration, Gould could not make up her mind if she wanted to commit to such a large project. Harris worked with the liaison of the networks and summarily dismissed Gould from the production. Harris left the USA in January of 2016 on what was supposed to be an 8 week scouting trip to ascertain the viability of the series being filmed. Due to events out of his control Harris would not make it back to the USA until almost 11 months later, however he would be armed with a wealth of information. During Harris’ es travels a new host was cast, and the production welcomed Peter Himmelman (AKA: Pedro) to the show. Once Harris returned to the USA, a plan was made with the network for a 6 month shoot and a package delivery of Season 1 of the show. Problems soon arose when Harris could not find a crew that could commit to a 6 month filming in a foreign country. At this time the network was losing its patience, and after a meeting with Harris and the Liaison, they went their separate ways. Free from limitations and network constrictions Harris again vowed to bring Uncharted to the screen. Harris worked with Himmelman to come up with a more reasonable shooting schedule. The production will now film for 48 days abroad. In that time the show will film 3 un-airable pilots to be submitted to the liaison for a network TV deal for distribution. There are currently over 34 networks that are “interested” in the series when they can view a viable pilot.
In August of 2017 the project was once again returned to “In Development” status, due to a lack of interest in a dedicated film crew and host. We hope to bring this project to light in 2018 with a whole new cast and crew that will remain in line with the vision of this show.
In May of 2018 the project was returned to “pre launch” status with significant adjustments to the scope of the show and the crew format. The filming will now take place with a “skeleton crew” to minimize expenses and logistics. We believe with the proper equipment, host and knowledgeable partners we will be able to present a pilot worthy of network audiences from our efforts.
A teaser website has been launched at and the hashtag promotion of #imuncharted was started into circulation in May of 2018. This hashtag encourages fans to post travel photos of them to their social media.
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