Project Description

When The Dealin’s Done

TITLE: When The Dealin’s Done 




DATES ACTIVE: April 5th 2017 –


When The Dealin’s Done (A Drifters Story) is the 6th professional production for Reel Z Productions. The idea for the film came from both Harris and his movie friend and screenwriter Larry Bartels. Harris & Bartels were sitting down over lunch and discussing pre-production of another movie. Harris and Bartels started with thinking up crazy places to film, and stories that would match those places. Sometime in the conversation the old Kenny Rogers song “The gambler” popped into the conversation. Bartels pointed out that a movie by that name had already been made, so they set out together to come up with a theme close to the story of the original song, but with a twist. Following Harris’s style of filmmaking, the film will be largely made without the use of special effects. This sort of filming will require the use of actual railroad cars and will take some planning to carry out.
As of October 2017 this film was placed into pre-production. Bartels had to step down as director due to extensive and ongoing medical and personal issues. Harris is now the sole director and Bartels is listed as an “advisory consultant” for the film. Due to the local acting communities awareness of Reel Z and its professional shoots, the film was almost completely cast internally before a casting call was issued.
Screenwriter Lindsay Radford (I Love You) was brought in to fast track a script, and the film now has a functional screenplay attached to it.
As of November 1st 2017, the film will see local actress Ashley Hector in the starring role.  After an extensive location scout the film will see shooting in Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Florence Arizona (Florence will see almost 75% of the shooting).
The film started principal photography behind schedule and shooting took place in January of 2017. The production saw many pitfalls including the director being challenged at gunpoint over a “picture vehicle” loan. No one was harmed but after another week of setbacks the decision was made to shut the production down due to the lead actress being 6 months pregnant.  4 scenes out of the 19 were successfully filmed prior to the shutdown. Reel Z takes the shutdown hard and does hope to return to the screen with WTDD someday.
The film was returned to “unknown” status January 28th 2018.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.