No Other Way

No Other Way TITLE: No Other Way STATUS: Post Production LENGTH: Unknown PARTICIPANTS:  Joe Becker, Diana Brest, Damian Michael Pearsall , Jay Harris, Freddy Jay Walker, Cindy Comer, Steven Fellheimer, Jaeda Pasha, Jordan Christian Jones, Peter Nurman, Terry Hogan. DATES ACTIVE: 5/28/18 - SUMMARY:  A man sits alone on a train platform staring at a [...]

Open The Door (Alex Hurt)

Open The Door TITLE: Open The Door STATUS: Post Production LENGTH: 5 Minutes PARTICIPANTS:  Alex Hurt II, Edwin Felix, Jay Harris, Chad Dooley, Christina Maxwell, Justine Orlando, Susie Nunez, Crystal Inzunza, Justin Christansen DATES ACTIVE: 1/25-2/15 SUMMARY: In this tense twisty horror short, a young woman finds herself in a battle of wits [...]

One Night

One Night TITLE:  One Night STATUS: POST PRODUCTION LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: UNKNOWN DATES ACTIVE: August 31st 2017 - SUMMARY: One night is Reel Z Productions 7th professional production and will be the first film featuring twin directors . The screenplay for one night was written in July 2017, and will have Adrian Santillan directing the [...]

When The Dealin’s Done

When The Dealin's Done TITLE: When The Dealin's Done  STATUS: UNKNOWN LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: UNKNOWN DATES ACTIVE: April 5th 2017 - SUMMARY: When The Dealin's Done (A Drifters Story) is the 6th professional production for Reel Z Productions. The idea for the film came from both Harris and his movie friend and screenwriter Larry Bartels. Harris & Bartels [...]

I Love You

I Love You TITLE:  I Love You STATUS: POST-PRODUCTION LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: UNKNOWN DATES ACTIVE: March 24th 2017 - SUMMARY: I Love you or simply (ILY) is the third professional production for Reel Z Productions. The original screenplay was originally written by Keena Huesby, A Talented student at ASU. Our director watched the original finished movie [...]


Envelope TITLE:  Envelope STATUS: RELEASED LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: 17 DATES ACTIVE: January 21st, 2017 - SUMMARY: Envelope was the second full professional production for Reel Z Productions. The concept and screenplay was written in January of 2017 and auditions for cast and crew followed soon after. The principal cast included Lindsey Wells as Ashley, Damian [...]

Deadly Dip

Deadly Dip TITLE:  Deadly Dip STATUS: COMPLETE LENGTH: 49 Days PARTICIPANTS: 7 DATES ACTIVE: January - February 2017 SUMMARY: Deadly Dip will always be known as our first production. It was developed by Jason Harris and then Lindsay Radford signed on to help with the screenplay. Location scouting was easy because we [...]