I Love You

I Love You TITLE:  I Love You STATUS: POST-PRODUCTION LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: UNKNOWN DATES ACTIVE: March 24th 2017 - SUMMARY: I Love you or simply (ILY) is the third professional production for Reel Z Productions. The original screenplay was originally written by Keena Huesby, A Talented student at ASU. Our director watched the original finished movie [...]


Envelope TITLE:  Envelope STATUS: RELEASED LENGTH:  PARTICIPANTS: 17 DATES ACTIVE: January 21st, 2017 - SUMMARY: Envelope was the second full professional production for Reel Z Productions. The concept and screenplay was written in January of 2017 and auditions for cast and crew followed soon after. The principal cast included Lindsey Wells as Ashley, Damian [...]

The Closet Game (Redux)

The Closet Game (Redux) TITLE: The Closet Game (Redux) STATUS: ANNOUNCED LENGTH: Unknown PARTICIPANTS:  Jay Harris, Jovan Taylor DATES ACTIVE: 9/15/18 - SUMMARY:  The Closet Game (Redux) is 1 of six short movies in a series about horror, friendship and the bridging of two worlds. The word "Redux" is written in the latin text, [...]